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HR Services

JOYN provides your business with HR-as-a-Service on a totally flexible and on-demand basis.

Whether providing your business with specific parts of the overall HR offering, augmenting your existing HR department with specialist expertise in certain areas, or providing you with your very own Generalist HR department that you can switch on and off as your business needs, we can provide the support you need.

Our community of freelance HR experts are thoroughly assessed and vetted before matched up to the right clients based upon their particular skills, qualifications, experience and personality fit.

JOYN's network of consultants can provide advice and support in:

Full Control

Enjoy superior visibility of your HR projects with your own dashboard displaying the assignment progress.

Receive weekly timesheets detailing your consultant's activity. Maintain control over budgets with your dashboard's real-time project cost feature. Then when your assignment is complete, rate your consultant and receive a report detailing your project outcomes.