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Deliver your recruitment or HR expertise to a varied range of interesting clients and earn great hourly rates with true flexible working. You also get to utilise our cutting-edge tools and technologies to do your best work.

Our most successful JOYN Consultants come from an HR & Recruitment background and possess the following attributes:

  •  Consultative approach to client relationship management
  •  Confidence to develop and lead a Recruitment or HR strategy
  •  Capability to conduct both advertised and proactive search
  •  A desire to exceed expectations and own the outcomes

"JOYN has been a wonderful way for me to keep my people/recruitment/HR skills fresh and to work with and help some great NZ businesses. I enjoy the flexibility of the work and it fills in well with my other commitments. The JOYN crew are incredibly supportive and available and you do feel like part of a team, even though you work individually on projects. Nice work!"
JOYN Consultant - Carol Carol Abernethy

"The flexibility is a huge attraction. I can plan my day to suit me rather than conform to a traditional 9 - 5 office day. I also run a career coaching business, my wife runs her own consultancy and we have two children. JOYN (and it's outstanding tech platform) mean I can be truly flexible and maximise my time."
JOYN Consultant - Karen Bob Walker

"JOYN has provided excellent flexibility, work / life balance and the opportunity to work with a broad range of clients and projects. Clients are often far more engaged with the recruitment process compared to a fee based model and it’s really enjoyable to work closely with clients on the whole recruitment journey. The technology available to me and clients is great and support from client managers and the JOYN management team is always there."
JOYN Consultant - Kris Kris Morgan

"I enjoy the balance between consulting with JOYN, running my own business and enjoying day to day life with my family."
JOYN Consultant - Anna Mel Budd

"I have worked for JOYN for the past five years and, as a mother of two, their model has suited me perfectly. Working my own hours and working predominantly from home but still being able to stay in an industry I love has been great. Coming from a traditional agency structure, I have also discovered that I am forming closer relationships (with both client and candidate) and really getting to understand a client’s needs while I become 'part of their team' during the recruitment process. I honestly feel this results in a more accurate hire."
JOYN Consultant - Vanessa Vanessa Abetz

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